Atli Orvarsson has been tapped to score the upcoming CBS drama FBI. The show is developed by Dick Wolf (Law & Order, NYPD Blue) and stars Missy Peregrym, Jeremy Sisto, Zeeko Zaki and Ebonee Noel. The series explores the inner workings of the New York office of the FBI, bringing to bear all the Bureau’s skills, intellect and mind-blowing technology to keep New York and the country safe. Wolf is also producing the Universal TV Studios & CBS Television Studios production with Peter Jankowski, Arthur Forney, showrunner Craig Turk (The Good Wife, Private Practice) as well as Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Dead Men Down) who also directed the first episode. Orvarsson has previously scored several shows for Wolf and the producers, including Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., all of which been renewed for new seasons to debut this fall on NBC. FBI will premiere this fall and air every Tuesday night on CBS. Visit the official show website for updates.

As previously reported, Orvarsson’s upcoming feature projects include the action thriller How It Ends starring Theo James, Kat Graham & Forest Whitaker (to premiere this summer on Netflix), the Jacob’s Ladder reboot starring Michael Ealy & Nicole Beharie, as well as the animated feature Ploey – You Never Fly Alone

  1. Sherri says:

    On the preview of FBI where they show the 18 graves, what is the name of the song that is playing during the preview. Lyrics are stand up and fight.

  2. Julie George says:

    Just want to say I am getting so tired of all the music on Dick Wolf’s many shows. It drives me crazy with its quivering tones rising and falling throughout conversations, apparently attempting to build up tension and suspense as we come to the climax of the situation whatever it is. Sometimes it overwhelms and we cannot even hear the voices of the actors. Mr. Wolf should look into this. NOT good at all. Let the actors build suspense and emotion by their acting. I really like FBI and the three shows Med, Police and Fire department series on Wednesday, I believe. But the music grates on my nerves and detracts from the drama. Thanks for listening.

    • I looove everything Julie George does not like. I would love to have all that background music by Atli Orvarsson: from FBI, CHI FIRE, CHI PD … Whatever the cost!!!

    • Lois Slack says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with everything Julie George says. The music is AWFUL! There is an art to scoring; it’s not just constant noise pollution, which is what is happening with FBI and I’ve noticed it on other shows as well. I laughed out loud at one point in a show where an FBI car was driving around a corner and the so-called music was at maximum levels obviously trying to make drama where it wasn’t. There is almost never a quiet stillness for the actors to build the tension; the music hammers at you throughout. This is not effective. It is not even appropriate. It’s as if the scorer isn’t even listening to the action. It would be laughable if it weren’t so annoying. Please reconsider.

    • Richard says:

      I agree that the music is way to loud to the point one can not hear the dialogue.

    • DB says:

      Apparently the producers of this show can’t hear the voices expressed here over the din of the music. Either that or they just don’t care. I wonder how many other people have opted to just change the channel because of it…
      It has to be pretty bad for me to take the time to google the source in order to express an opinion about it.

    • Linda says:

      I will agree on the music. It is way to loud and over powers the actors speaking. I love the shows, but the over powering music makes me want to turn the show off. I hope they fix this problem so the audience can hear the story all the way through the episode

      • Linda says:

        I agree the music is so loud it takes away from the plot and dialogue

    • John says:

      Absolutely spot on, my feelings exactly. Irritating as much as the guy in FBI who goes around shouting all the time. Ridiculous.

  3. FBI season 2 – episode 1.

    That episode was called Little Egypt, and now I am hoping someone can tell me what the name of the song that was played for it’s Trailer? Please can someone tell me?

  4. Victor says:

    You who dont like the score are obviousley “Old as hell” or just old minded, Im 55 Years old but as former DJ and music producer I can say that Atli Orvarsson’s music score for TV show FBI is so good with the series storylines. Most of these plots are abkbout murder, rape, terrorism and just terrible things that truly exist in the real world. That the music uses synths and hooks and lots of omnious sounds is excactly what the show needs. can you imagine how unreal and UN-captivating it would be to see all that action and suspense with a nice happy tune? Really? All you who are ignorant about what a musical score for any mystery or dramatic action TV show like Chicago PD, Fire & Med think again thats excactly the music that is needed to bring home the message of the intensaty and heartpounding action! Thats its loud? no not really it doesnt muffle the characters lines it ads to them. FBI is an example of what suspense, drama and heart pounding action TV and movies should sound like 5 stars to the show and 5 stars to the master Mr. Atli Orvarsson, keep it going.

    • Victor (above) must be one of Atli student employees that improvise and produce the soundtrack, as surely Atli couldn’t bother with “writing” a basic Chicago Med synth track. I am late middle aged, but not old minded. I’ve been mightily impressed with Thom Yorke and his “performance art” and band.:)

    • Dajon says:

      I don’t think I could articulate it better. I tried watching it muted but with close caption tired on but eventually I was bored with reading and realized even the commercials were better to listen to s as far they’re on other channels! I now immediately change the channel rather than endure the soundtrack.

  5. Lisa Noel says:

    I hate the background music of the show FBI on CBS.

  6. Lisa Noel says:

    I have stopped watching FBI on CBS because the music is irritating.It’s awful to listen to.

  7. Deanne says:

    FBI Is a great show but the background music is distracting and annoying. It’s too loud and I can’t hear the dialogue!

  8. John Russell says:

    I agree with Julie George! The background music is so loud that it overrides the voices of the actors. It is grating on the nerves. All of this producers shows are this way. I like all of these shows but the music is just a little hard to handle! Please help so we can enjoy these programs.

  9. Aly G says:

    Love music BUT can’t hear the dialogue over it – might as well tune to a music channel and stop watching the tv shows. Disappointing!

  10. The music is getting to be so annoying. The music is blah as can be. I know they are trying to save money, but they need to give someone else a chance at the music. My wife watches these shows but I have to decline because the music gets on my nerves. Same style music repeatedly.

  11. Lynn B says:

    I could possibly get into some of Dick Wolf shows if, as so many have said, SOMEONE ELSE WROTE THE SCORE! Obviously, Alti has nothing new in his library. It gets SO ANNOYING! Keeps me from watching all the Chicago shows, FBI, and so many Dick Wolf shows!

  12. Walter Geist says:

    I find Atli Orvasson detracts from the shows. It reminds me of old time piano accompaniments of old silent films! In my opinion, Orvasson’s music doesn’t always follow the script emotions it pretend t amplify!

    Please stop!

  13. Marilyn Tecker says:

    Turn down the music. Can’t hear the words.

  14. Mary says:

    My husband watches crime shows at night and I don’t pay much attention. However, there always seems to be a show he watches that eventually gets on my nerves because the background music is so horrible and annoying and irritating and grating and grinding etc. so I asked him what it is and he always says FBI. Tonight when he was watching it, same thing. I realized there was some really annoying music going on that I just could not stand. He was sleeping so I turned the channel. I noticed this so much that I decided to Google it and I found that there’s all kinds of people who cannot stand the music. If this many people hate it so much that they look it up and decide to comment on it, thank of the very very very many people who hate it who haven’t taken the opportunity to comment on it. I would think when you’re losing business because of the music that you would do something about it. Like stop playing it for example.

  15. Agreed. My roommate was watching Chicago Med and this is the WORST TV scoring I have yet heard. A Bad first year music student with a Casio electric piano/synth wold do MUCH better. Absolute rubbish – makes me want to THROW something at the TV – or my roommate! And I might am quite the student of Baroque, Romantic and modern pop of the past century.

  16. Ron says:

    Why is the music so loud on the fbi shows, I can’t understand what the actors are saying because of the music

  17. Larry says:

    Get rid of the back ground music
    Horrible cant hear the actors

  18. Rick says:

    The incredibly loud music on most of the Dick Wolf shows is awful. Why pay the actors to speak, when it’s so difficult to hear what they are saying. If Dick Wolf feels it necessary to have music throughout these shows, how about lowering the volume of the music or increase the volume of the actors, so that it possible to understand the dialog. We’ve already purchased a Bose sound bar to help with the problem, but these Dick Wolf shows have negated the effectiveness of the Bose sound bar. Most of these shows are pretty good, but the loud intrusive music is terrible. Why have a tv show at all if people can’t hear it? Tone it down a lot!

  19. Andrea says:

    I like some loud music, like Elvis, Bob Seeger, but the background music of dick wolf’s programs are much too loud. We can’t hear the dialogue of the actors. Who is in charge of these programs? It’s sad what you are doing to these very popular programs. Please change something so we can enjoy our favorite shows.

  20. Karin Van Valkenberg says:

    We had to turn off FBI and the Chicago shows. Too annoying and too much like watching a comedy with canned laughter so loud you can’t hear the punch line. It seems cheap and tinny like a B movie.

  21. Red says:

    Really like the FBI shows but the music is very irritating. Life doesnt have constant pulsing music at all times; make it more realistic and hold back on the music.

  22. Joe says:

    This is crazy. One of the few who don’t think the music is not too loud is a DJ. That should tell us something. I love FBI but the music is so loud that I do my best to tune it out when my wife has to watch all three shows. Not sure who needs to see all these post by it’s the person with the big ego producing the music, clearly.