Sony Classical will release a soundtrack album for the Epix original series Get Shorty. The album features selections of the original music from the show’s first season composed by Grammy Award winner and Golden Globe nominee Antonio Sanchez (Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)). The soundtrack will be released this Friday, January 26 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Get Shorty is created by Davey Holmes inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 1990 bestselling thriller comedy novel and stars Chris O’Dowd, Ray Romano, Sean Bridgers, Megan Stevenson, Goya Robles, Lucy Walters, Sarah Stiles, Antwone Tanner and Carolyn Dodd. The series follows a hitman from Nevada who tries to become a movie producer in Hollywood as a means to leave his criminal past behind. The show’s first season premiered last summer on Epix. A second season is expected to air later this year. Visit the official show website for updates.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Beginning
2. Owen Runs
3. Sealed Fate
4. Breezy
5. Second Thoughts
6. Just Hanging
7. Break In
8. Pensive
9. Watching Us
10. Final Steps
11. Loose to Fast
12. Bad Omen
13. Unsettling
14. 7 Steps
15. Pensive 2
16. Just Hanging 2
17. 6:8 Medium
18. Hold On
19. Desert Highway
20. No Way
21. Just Hanging 3
22. Intense
23. They’re Coming
24. Move
25. Remembering
26. A to B
27. Condo Love
28. Bad Ways
29. Unsettling 2
30. Be Careful
31. Granular
32. A to C
33. Not So Easy
34. Unsettling 3
35. Car Ride
36. A to D
37. A to E
38. Big Deal

  1. Gator5000e says:

    Great show! If you get EPIX, you owe it to yourself to watch it (and Berlin Station). The score on the show features mostly drum solos but I’m curious to see if they add something else to it .