hitrecord-2A new soundtrack album for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s variety series HitRECord on TV has been released. The album features the songs from the show’s second season. Also included is a cue from the series’ score. The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon. Check out audio clips after the jump. A soundtrack album featuring music from the first season was released last yearHitRECord on TV created, executive produced and hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt features a series of short films, animation, music, conversation from thousands of contributors from around the world. The series currently airs every Friday nights on Pivot. For updates on the series, visit the official show website.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Opening Music (0:22)
2. Veil of Night (3:09)
3. Wolfblood (1:07)
4. Mirror Music (2:24)
5. Freestyle Something Re: The Number Two (1:02)
6. Awkward Parallel (1:01)
7. What They Say (2:57)
8. Back to Class (2:17)
9. Yellow School Bus (0:56)
10. Quality Control (0:50)
11. Ready, Aim, Fire (3:04)
12. Bro Flow (1:31)
13. Little Dragon (Score) (2:43)
14. Freestyle Something Re: Guns (0:56)
15. Sexy Motha (feat. the Gregory Brothers) (2:41)
16. Yo Mama Rap (0:36)
17. Yo Mama Rap (Rebuttal) [feat. Cibo Matto] (1:06)
18. Little Birdie (0:31)
19. Curious (3:29)
20. Freestyle Something Re: Secrets (1:03)
21. Presently Speaking (2:40)
22. Freestyle Something Re: The Future (1:05)
23. Freestyle Something Re: The Future (Reprise) (0:31)
24. Of the Future (3:28)