something-wickedLakeshore Records has announced a soundtrack album for the thriller Something Wicked. The album features the film’s original music composed by Kyle Newmaster (Kinect Star Wars, Blood Shot). The soundtrack will be released digitally and on Amazon Disc on Demand on April 1, 2014. Audio clips are embedded below. Something Wicked is directed by Darin Scott and stars the late actress Brittany Murphy in her final role. Shantel VanSanten, John Robinson and Julian Morris are co-starring. The movie is set in a mid-size American community in the Pacific Northwest and follows a young couple embarking upon their wedding plans, when gruesome secrets from their past collide with sinister forces of the present. The thriller will be released in select theaters on April 4 by Merchant Films.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Something Wicked
2. Leading Up To the Crash
3. Aftermath
4. Incident at the Pool
5. Disturbing Past
6. Starting a New Life Together
7. Sinister Thoughts
8. Seeking Help
9. Intruder
10. Chasing the Suspect
11. Hallucinations
12. Hit and Run
13. Night Terrors
14. Incriminating Evidence
15. Tragic News
16. Obsession
17. Serious Breakdown
18. An Unexpected Betrayal
19. Unlocking the Truth
20. Covering the Tracks
21. Listen to the Voices
22. A Vision for the Future
23. The Evil Plan Unfolds