mervyn-warrenMervyn Warren has started work on his score for the upcoming crime comedy Hot Guys with Guns. The film marks the directorial debut of Doug Spearman (Noah’s Arc) and stars Brian McArdle, Marc Anthony Samuel, Darryl Stephens, Kamar de los Reyes, Jay Huguley, Alan Blumenfeld, Joan Ryan and Trey McCurley. The movie revolves around an actor and his ex-boyfriend who find themselves sucked in a crime spree sending shockwaves through Hollywoood’s Velvet Mafia. Spearman has also written the screenplay and is producing the project with Kelly Jones and Suzan Jones. Apart from composing the score, Warren has also written, performed and arranged the original song Something to Shoot For, which will be playing over a Bond-esque, animated opening sequence. The Grammy-winning composer whose previous film scoring credits include Joyful Noise, The Wedding Planner and A Walk to Remember also serves as a producer and makes an appearance in the film. Hot Guys with Guns is expected to be released later this year. For updates on the film, visit the official Facebook movie page.

  1. Knowing Mervyn Warren track record… the sound track will be awesome!