Rupert Gregson-Williams and Christopher Willis are scoring the new HBO comedy series Veep. The political satire is created by Armando Iannucci (In the Loop) and stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as former senator Selina Meyer, a rising star in her party and charismatic leader who seemed to have unlimited potential, until she became vice president and soon discovers the job is nothing like she expected, but everything she was warned about. Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Timothy C. Simons and Sufe Bradshaw are co-starring. Armando Iannucci co-wrote and directed the pilot and is also executive producing the show with Frank Rich of New York Magazine and Christopher Godsick (Take the Lead). The show marks the first HBO series project Gregson-Williams who has become Adam Sandler’s composer of choice over the last couple of years and who is also known for scoring Dreamworks Animation’s Over the Hedge and Bee Season, the critically acclaimed drama Hotel Rwanda and the AMC mini-series The Prisoner. Willis has been writing additional music for a number of high profile projects by composers Rupert & Harry Gregson-Williams and Henry Jackman in recent years. Veep‘s first season of eight episodes is set to premiere tomorrow, April 22 and will be airing every Sunday night on HBO. For updates on the show, visit the official show website.

  1. dan says:

    looking for the dance music from S2 e6, the b-day party.

    • Peter says:

      “Andrew” episode question: for the past several days, I’ve been attempting to find a song that was played in this episode. The song is heard in the background at the birthday party for Selena’s daughter and begins when Selena and her daughter are talking about the arriving guests, around 11 minutes in. I haven’t been able to make out the song in its entirety, but some of the lyric lines are possibly “but tonight is the night and i’m ready so,” “look at your relationship,” “know you’re watchin me, don’t stop cause you’re turnin me on,” and “you could be a supermodel.” I realize these are very random, but I’ve spent hours listening to these two minutes of the episode trying to hear the lyrics behind all the actors’ lines. The song has a heavy bass beat and, well, is really cool. Really want to find this! Anyone else have a clue?

  2. SteveO says:

    I really wish the show’s score was available for purchase. I enjoy the transition music very much.