Amazon Content Services will release a soundtrack album for the Amazon original movie A Million Miles Away. The album features the film’s original music composed by Mexican Institute of Sound (aka Camilo Lara) (Gentefied). Also included is Calexico’s cover of the Mamas & the Papas’ California Dreamin’. The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, September 15 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon. A Million Miles Away is directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella and stars Michael Peña, Rosa Salazar, Veronica Falcón, Bobby Soto,  Sarayu Blue, Garret Dillahunt, Julio César Cedillo and Eric Johnson. The biographical drama is based on NASA flight engineer José Hernández’s book Reaching for the Stars and chronicles his journey from a devoted family of proud migrant farm workers from Mexico, to the fields of the San Joaquin Valley, to more than 200 miles above the Earth in the ISS. The movie opened in select theaters last Friday and will premiere tomorrow on Prime Video.

Here’s the album track list:

1. California Dreamin’ (feat. Brian Lopez) – Calexico (2:43)
2. Yo Tengo Una Receta (1:22)
3. What Are Stars For? (0:44)
4. Ignition (1:39)
5. Force of Nature (2:44)
6. Theory (1:17)
7. Comida Michoacana (2:41)
8. How Big Is It? (1:50)
9. How to Become (4:23)
10. I’m Coming Baby (0:52)
11. Baby (0:56)
12. Goodbye Beto (2:02)
13. First Training (3:33)
14. Is It Worth It? (1:50)
15. Hello Dunker (2:27)
16. Break Apart (1:08)
17. Against Our Expectations (2:55)
18. Beso (2:16)
19. Mrs. Young (1:16)
20. Family Room (1:32)
21. Phone Call (1:40)
22. Suite (3:12)
23. Launch (5:19)

  1. Michael LoCicero says:

    sure wouldn’t mind a hard copy of this whether it be Vinyl or CD please notify me if it becomes available. I also sent Calexico a notice of my interest in said Soundtrack