geniusMilan Records will release an EP for the Nat Geo’s first scripted series, Genius. The album features the show’s main title theme written by Hans Zimmer (The Dark KnightGladiatorThe Lion KingInception) and selections from the show’s original music composed by Lorne Balfe (The LEGO Batman MovieHomeTerminator GenisysGhost in the Shell). Also included are three classical pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Genius is executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard (who also directed the first episode) and stars Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Flynn, Emily Watson, Nicholas Rowe, Samantha Colley, Jon Fletcher, Richard Topol and Alicia von Rittberg. The show’s first season follows the life of Albert Einstein, from his early years as a patent clerk, to his later years as a physicist who developed the theory of relativity. The drama will premiere on April 25 on Nat Geo. Visit the official show website for updates.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Genius – Hans Zimmer
2. Proving The Theory
3. Forbidden Love
4. Nobel Prize
5. Everything Is Connected
6. Natural Order
7. The Talk Of The Town
8. Time And Space
9. Partita 1 – “Double”, for Solo Violin BWV 1002 – Johann Sebastian Bach
10. Adagio in E Major (for Violin and Orchestra) K.261 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
11. Wiegenlied (Lullaby) K.350 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  1. Pete says:

    Wow – Lorne is everywhere . Looking forward to this