mad-men-on-the-rocksSilva Screen Records will release a new soundtrack album for AMC’s critically acclaimed series Mad Men. The album features selections from the score of the show composed by David CarbonaraMad Men On the Rocks will be released overseas on August 5, 2013. No word yet on a domestic release. Lionsgate Records has previously released a number of soundtracks featuring the composer’s score from the early seasons. Click here to download the first score album. Mad Men is created by Matthew Weiner and stars Jon Hamm, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks and John Slattery. The season finale of the sixth season of the drama will air this Sunday on AMC. A seventh and final season is set to premiere in 2014. For updates on the drama, visit the official show website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Pacific Coast Highway
2. The Man With The Miniature Orchestra
3. Beautiful Girls
4. Betty Home And Sally’s Story
5. Bunny’s Bop
6. Hurry Into The Far Away Places
7. Draper’s Ruse
8. Summer Man
9. The Arrival
10. Hotel Bossa
11. Lights Out
12. For Number Four And Anna
13. At The Codfish Ball
14. Don And Betty In Rome
15. Like A Good Girlfriend
16. First Kiss
17. A Little Kiss
18. The New York Times
19. Glo-Coat
20. Christmas Conga
21. Pete’s Not Talking
22. Betty’s Call
23. A Beautiful Mine

  1. Cornelis says:

    That is excellent news. I’m a big fan of the series and enjoy listening the music David Carbonara very, very much. Earlier on in his carrier he sounded a bit like Thomas Newman, but now with this Mad Men Music, he’s really found a voice of his own.

    A couple of tracks on this album have been released before, on the “Mad Men Night Cap” soundtrack (released not to long ago), and a few other tracks can be previewed on the composers website, but there are also quit a few unreleased tracks. It’s a nice introduction to the music David Carbonara composed for the series, as well as a nice addition for those who already bought every Mad Man soundtrack released before.

    Anyway for sure a cd to look forward to, if you’re a fan of the music or just a curious novice. Only regret, they didn’t included “End Credit from The Rejected”, that’s probably the most beautiful piece of music David Carbonara composed for the series.

    But hey, maybe next time.