Music by Sparks & Shadows

Written by Bear McCreary
Performed by Sonatine McCreary

Score Produced by: Bear McCreary and Sparks & Shadows
Score Mixed by: Ryan Sanchez
Additional Score Recorded by: Viktor Szaro
Additional Score Engineer: Ben Sedano
Composers: Omer Ben-Zvi, Kevin Lax, Alex Cote
Music Editor: John M. Davis
Music Consultants: Edward Trybek, Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard
Orchestrated by: Jamie Thierman, Benjamin Hoff, Sean Barrett
Music Preparation by: Andrew Harris
Score Manager: Etienne Monsaingeon
Scoring Coordinator: Hannah Lustine
Assistants to the Composer: Marisa Gunzenhauser, Reed Trachy
Tech Assistants: Pierre-André Rigoll, Dayne Ambrosio, Peter Kohrman
Orchestra Contractor: Balint Sapszon for Budapest Scoring
Orchestra Conducted by: Peter Ilényi
Score Recorded at: Rottenbiller Studio, Budapest, Hungary

Soundtrack album released by Sparks & Shadows Records