Arthur the King

Music by Kevin Matley

Music Supervisors: Sean Mulligan, Victoria Beard
Music Coordinator: Tiffany Su
Music Editor: Rob Hegedus , M.P.S.E.

Orchestration by: Samuel Joseph Smythe
Music Copyist: Sammy Sanfilippo
Additional Score Prep: Yitong Chen
Additional Scoring Engineer: Luke Vander Pol

Score Performed by: Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Score Recorded at: Rottenbiller Hall
Score Mixed by: Daniel Kresco
Conductor: Péter Illényi
Contractor: Bálint Sapszon
Orchestra Coordinator: Bertalan Veer
Recording Engineer: Dénes Rédly

Percussion Recorded at: East West Studios, Los Angeles, California
Additional Recording Engineer: Luke Vander Pol
Assistant Recording Engineer: Ivan Handwerk

Percussion by: Cole Mauro
Guitar by: Dan Phelps

Additional Music Performed by: Tropical Brass / Samuel Urena Gonzalez, Carlos Eduardo Torres, Willian Cruz, Juan Junior Garcia Rosario, Jose Luis Urena Gonzalez

Soundtrack album to be released by Lionsgate Records