Adam Janota Bzowski (Saint Maud, Out of Darkness, The Marsh King’s DaughterHere Before, Black Mirror: Loch Henry) has released a soundtrack album for the British thriller Femme. The album features the composer’s original score from the film and is now available to stream on Amazon and most other major digital music services. Also listen to the composer’s first two tracks (Sauna Reprise & Follow the Pitbull) after the jump. Femme is written and directed by Sam H. Freeman & Ng Choon Ping and stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, George Mackay, John McCrea and Asha Reid. The movie follows a man whose life and career as a drag queen is destroyed by a homophobic attack, but when he re-encounters his attacker in a gay sauna, he is presented with a chance to exact revenge. The thriller, which premiered at last year’s Berlin Film Festival and opened in UK theaters in December, will be released on March 22 in New York, the following week in Los Angeles and nationwide on April 5 by Utopia.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Sauna Reprise (2:44)
2. Follow the Pitbull (3:51)
3. Walk Behind Me (1:31)
4. Vap3 (3:15)
5. Date Night (1:13)
6. The Woods (2:15)
7. Glutton for Punishment (1:40)
8. Warehouse Optimist (2:23)
9. Silver Cage (1:49)
10. Upload (2:01)
11. Aphrodite Reveals (1:01)
12. The Real Deal (2:46)
13. The Gamer (1:44)