Milan Records will release the official soundtrack album for the Spanish/French animated feature Robot Dreams. The album features the film’s original music composed by Alfonso de Vilallonga (Transsiberian, BlancanievesThe Bookshop, Abracadabra, It Snows in Benidorm). The soundtrack is already available to stream/download overseas (visit the British Apple Music store to check out audio samples) and is expected to be released in the U.S. next year. Robot Dreams is written and directed by Pablo Berger based on the graphic novel by Sara Varon and tells the story of the friendship between a lonely dog and a robot who become separated during an ill-fated day-trip to Long Island in an imaginary 1980s New York populated by animals The animated movie, which premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, opened in Spanish theaters earlier this year and will arrive in French theaters next Wednesday, December 27. Neon has picked up domestic distribution rights for a U.S. release in 2024.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Dog and Tin at the Beach (1:11)
2. Building Robot (1:21)
3. Taxi to the Beach (1:11)
4. Whistling Danny Boy (0:33)
5. Rusty Robot (0:53)
6. The Card Players (0:47)
7. Mean Cop (1:05)
8. Was It a Dream? (2:49)
9. Septemberizing Piano (0:49)
10. Snow at the Beach (1:14)
11. Hello Blackbird, Goodbye Beach (0:55)
12. Mummy’s Nest (2:10)
13. Flowerland (1:32)
14. Vivalding at the Park (0:57)
15. Slow Bowling (0:55)
16. Kites (1:26)
17. No Mail for Dog (1:05)
18. Farewell to the Birds (1:08)
19. Defrosting Song (1:10)
20. Jealous Dream (0:56)
21. The Dog Is Sad (0:56)
22. Rest in Pieces (3:25)
23. Maintenance Rabbits (1:19)
24. The Card Players (Piano Trio Bonus) (2:31)
25. Jealous Dreams (Bonus) (1:16)
26. The Card Players (Sax Quartet Bonus) (2:26)
27. Taxi to the Beach (Bonus (1:56)
28. Flowerland (Tap Dance Version) (1:59)
29. Skiing Under the Sky (1:59)