Hangzhou Yuyinniaoniao Culture Media Co. has released a soundtrack album for the Chinese fantasy drama Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms. The album features the original music from the first part of the Feng Sheng Trilogy composed by Gordy Haab (Star Wars: Jedi Survivor/Fallen Orde, Star Wars: Battlefront, Halo Wars 2). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack. Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms is directed by Wu Ershan and stars Huang Bo, Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, Xia Yu and Chen Kun. The movie is based on Xu Zhonglin’s 16th century novel Investiture of the Gods and tells the story of an immortal who descends from the mountains to find a commoner to save the world. The drama just opened in Chinese theaters this past weekend.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Sacrifice (2:19)
2. Becoming a Hero (3:58)
3. End of the World (2:41)
4. West Qi – Homeland (3:21)
5. Daji, The Fox Demon (2:59)
6. Daji Seduces Zhou (2:33)
7. Heaven’s Theme – Revealing the Feng Shen Bang (3:00)
8. Shen Gong Bao’s Dark Magic (1:18)
9. Ji Fa’s Sacrifice – Enthronement of King Zhou (2:06)
10. Visiting West Qi – Consulting Ji Chang (3:15)
11. Heaven’s Punishment – King Zhou’s Sacrificial Pledge (4:19)
12. Nezha Saves the Mortals (1:54)
13. Shen Gong Bao Visits the Palace – Zhou Tests Feng Shen Bang (4:43)
14. The Gods Escape With the Feng Shen Bang (2:30)
15. Lullaby For Lei Zhenzi (4:15)
16. Patricide a Loyalty Pledge to the King (5:03)
17. Father and Son – The Imprisonment of Ji Chang (3:00)
18. Chasing the Fox Demon (1:46)
19. The Ultimate Sacrifice (1:51)
20. I Would Die for My Father (4:54)
21. Ji Fa Receives the Gift Horse (2:21)
22. Ji Chang Dragged to the Gallows (3:21)
23. Ji Fa a Hero’s Rite of Passage (9:42)
24. Showdown With Shen Gong Bao (4:06)
25. Return to West Qi (5:08)
26. Triumphal Music (1:07)
27. War Dance (1:22)
28. Enthronement (1:40)
29. Banquet Music at Lu Tai (1:08)
30. Execution Drum Music (1:48)