Drama Republic Limited has released a soundtrack album for the ITVX series The Confessions of Frannie Langton. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Dominik Scherrer (The Missing, The Tourist, Ripper Street, Primeval, The SerpentBaptisteThe Widow). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. The Confessions of Frannie Langton is created by Sara Collins based on her novel of the same title and stars Karla-Simone Spence, Sophie Cookson, Patrick Martins, Stephen Campbell Moore, Steven Mackintosh and Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn. The 4-part drama is set against the opulence of Georgian London and follows the title character’s journey from a Jamaican plantation to the grand Mayfair mansion of celebrated scientist George Benham and his wife, Madame Marguerite Benham. The series is premiering in the UK today on ITVX.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Passionate Waltz (2:25)
2. Arrest (3:08)
3. Amorous Waltz (1:54)
4. Frannie and Madame (1:37)
5. This is a Story About Me (2:57)
6. Sleeping Quarters (2:05)
7. The Scientific Method (1:20)
8. Frannie and Madame Dance (2:07)
9. Olaudah (2:50)
10. Trip to Longreach (1:16)
11. I Became Langton’s Creature (2:49)
12. Frannie’s Secrets (1:16)
13. Bringing a Doctor (1:12)
14. The Dose is the Poison (3:27)
15. I Want to Touch You (1:02)
16. Working at the School House (1:23)
17. Love Hurt Worse (3:29)