Lakeshore Records will release a soundtrack album for the Starz limited series Gaslit. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Emmy Award winner Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot, American Horror Story, Feud: Bette and JoanAmerican Crime Story, Scream QueensThe Politician, Ratched). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, April 29 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Gaslit is created by Robbie Pickering based on the first season of the Slow Burn podcast and stars Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Darby Camp and Shea Whigham . The 8-part thriller executive produced by Sam Esmail centers on the untold stories and forgotten characters of the Watergate scandal – from Nixon’s subordinates to the deranged zealots aiding their crimes to the whistleblowers who would eventually bring the whole enterprise crashing down. The series just made its debut this past Sunday and new episodes are premiering every week on Starz.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Liddy Is Macho (1:45)
2. I Know a Snake (2:11)
3. Running Into Mo (1:14)
4. Untraceable Foreign Contractors (1:46)
5. Bittersweet Snow (3:10)
6. Dean Almost Resigns (4:46)
7. Voilà Mrs. Mitchell (1:03)
8. Gophers Have Left the Hole (2:04)
9. Clay Pigeon (3:55)
10. Are You Guys Cops? (1:05)
11. Retribution (3:55)
12. Bargain Bin Watch (3:22)
13. Big Empty Field (2:09)
14. Martha Held Prisoner (2:27)
15. Trash Can S’mores (2:04)
16. Center of This (1:54)
17. Said He Was a King (3:10)
18. Questioning CREEP (3:16)
19. Article of Faith (1:07)
20. Good Men Lie (2:15)
21. Trial By Fire (1:50)
22. Investigating Mitchell (1:05)
23. Expecting a Draft (2:21)
24. Marriage Is Like a Garden (2:13)
25. This Is Not Hard (1:34)
26. The Watergate Hearings (2:12)
27. Bad Luck Monkey (3:36)
28. Addicted to Painkillers (3:27)
29. Tears of Clarity (4:22)
30. My New Friend (2:55)