Cellist, singer/songwriter & composer Ben Sollee has written the original score for the upcoming comedy drama Stay Awake. The film is written and directed by Jamie Sisley and stars Wyatt Oleff, Fin Argus, Chrissy Metz, Cree Cicchino, Quinn McColgan, Albert Jones and Lorrie Odom. The movie is set in a small community in Virginia and revolves around a loving and well-meaning mother of two whose struggle with prescription drug addiction is adversely affecting her entire family. Shrihari Sathe (No Man’s Land) and Eric Schultz (Katie Says Goodbye, James White, Minor Premise) are producing the Dialectic and Relic Pictures production. Sollee has previously scored several features, including Robin Wright’s directorial debut Land, the 2013 documentary Maidentrip and the 2017 drama Beauty Mark. Stay Awake will premiere next week at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival.