David Labovitch has released a soundtrack album for the horror comedy Dementia Part II. The album features the composer’s original music from the film and is now available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Dementia Part II is written and directed by Matt Mercer & Mike Testin and stars Mercer himself, Graham Skipper, Najarra Townsend and Suzanne Voss. The movie revolves around an ex-con who takes a job as a handyman for an unstable elderly woman to avoid a parole violation, a choice he may regret. The comedy, which screened at various film festivals, including Cinepocalypse, London FrightFest & Sitges, was released in select theaters last month by Dark Star Pictures & Bloody Disgusting and is now also available on VOD¬†and DVD.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Dementia: Part II Main Title (1:17)
2. A Bloody Warning (1:28)
3. Her Mind Wanders (0:21)
4. The Piggy Song (2:08)
5. Peel the Flesh (0:17)
6. Pure Dementia (3:42)
7. A Familiar Song (2:41)
8. She Is Starting to Turn (0:24)
9. Demented Knife to the Heart (3:28)
10. Tool Up (0:16)
11. One Last Struggle (0:43)
12. We’re Gonna Need Some Weapons (1:34)