A soundtrack album has been released for the indie coming-of-age drama Beast Beast. The album features the film’s original score composed by director Danny Madden and additional music by Robert Allaire (Too Late, Some Kind of Hate). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music store to stream/download the album and to check out audio samples. Beast Beast is written and directed by Madden and stars Shirley Chen, Will Madden, Jose Angeles, Courtney Dietz and Daniel Rashid. The movie executive produced by Alec Baldwin is set in a quiet southern town and centers on a popular and charismatic theatre kid who finds herself increasingly drawn to a new student in her high school who catches her attention with his impressive skating videos.The drama premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and is now available to stream on TUBI.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Main Title – Danny Madden & Jose Angeles (0:59)
2. Beginnings – Danny Madden (0:34)
3. Freeze – Danny Madden, Grant Meuers & Jackie! Zhou (1:27)
4. Warthog – Robert Allaire (0:32)
5. Kiss – Danny Madden (1:50)
6. Upload – Danny Madden & Grant Meuers (0:43)
7. Grieving – Danny Madden & Grant Meuers (2:29)
8. Class – Danny Madden (1:28)
9. Morning – Robert Allaire (1:20)
10. Showdown – Danny Madden (1:17)
11. Finale – Danny Madden & Grant Meuers (1:52)