Volker Bertelmann (aka Hauschka) (The Old Guard, Ammonite, Adrift, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Patrick Melrose) has been hired to score the upcoming thriller Monkey Man. The film marks the directorial debut of actor Dev Patel who also stars in the movie, which is set in modern day India and follows a recently-released ex-felon who struggles to adjust to a world of corporate greed and eroding spiritual values. Patel also co-wrote the screenplay with Paul Angunawela and John Collee (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Happy Feet). He is also producing the project with Thunder Road Pictures’ Basil Iwanyk (Sicario, John Wick series), as well as Joe Thomas (The Man Who Knew Infinity) and Samarth Sahni. Bertelmann has previously scored the Patel-starring features Lion (with Dustin O’Halloran) and Hotel Mumbai. No word yet on a release date for Monkey Man.

Bertelmann’s other upcoming projects include Peter Flinth’s Against the Ice and Joe Penna’s Stowaway, both of which are set to premiere this year on Netflix. He also recently scored Showtime’s  Your Honor, which currently airs every Sunday on Showtime.

  1. Penderghast says:

    Every time I read “Hauschka”, it makes me irrationally angry. Can’t help it, it’s just such a stupid sounding pseudonym. Someone with that cool of a name as Volker Bertelmann chooses to go by fucking “Hauschka”. Christ.