spoorAir-Edel Records has released a soundtrack album for the Polish drama Spoor. The album features the film’s original music composed by Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz (In Darkness, Rosemary’s Baby mini-series). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Spoor is directed by Agnieszka Holland (The Secret GardenWashington SquareEuropa Europa) and stars Agnieszka Mandat, Wiktor Zborowski, Miroslav Krobot, Jakub Giersal, Patricia Volny and Borys Szyc. The movie follows an elderly woman who lives alone in the Klodzko Valley where a series of mysterious crimes are committed and is  convinced she knows who the murderer is, but nobody believes her story. The movie premiered at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and has been released in various European markets over the last few months. No word yet on a domestic release.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Into the Hollow (3:29)
2. Horse (2:05)
3. Dizzy (2:10)
4. Good News (1:26)
5. Open Season (1:13)
6. Poachers (0:58)
7. Pheromone (2:38)
8. Fox (2:50)
9. Tracks in the Snow (3:30)
10. Ladybug (3:43)
11. She-Wolf (2:07)
12. Cucujus Haematodes (1:53)
13. Hunt the Hunters (2:43)
14. Wild Boar (2:53)
15. Magpie (1:44)
16. The Escape (3:43)
17. The Solstice (1:52)