bad-wordsBack Lot Music will release a soundtrack album for Jason Bateman’s indie comedy Bad Words. The album features the film’s original score composed by Rolfe Kent (Sideways, Election, Mean Girls, Up in the Air). The soundtrack will be released on March 18, 2014 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Check out audio clips after the jump. Bad Words stars Jason Bateman as a 40-year-old who finds a loophole in the rules of The Golden Quill national spelling bee and decides to cause trouble by hijacking the competition. Rohan Chand, Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney and Philip Baker Hall are co-starring in Bateman’s directorial feature debut. The movie will be released in select theaters this Friday, March 14 by Focus Features. To learn more about the comedy, visit the official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. I’m the Winner (1:11)
2. Arriving At the Golden Quill (0:36)
3. B.R.A.V.O., Mr. Trilby (1:45)
4. Poolside (2:15)
5. Chai Has a Minibar (1:09)
6. The Morning After (1:08)
7. A Glare From Teegan (0:37)
8. The Panties Scam (3:16)
9. Diner and Toy Car (0:58)
10. It’s Not a Sundae (0:48)
11. Chai Gets an Education (1:14)
12. Teegan Rigs the Competition (0:58)
13. These Are Not Light Pants / Womanhood Panic (2:48)
14. A Nasty Long Word (1:17)
15. Montage of Defeat and Victory (1:14)
16. Meeting Bowman (2:46)
17. Burning Todd (2:05)
18. Chai’s Revenge (1:01)
19. The Least a Son Can Expect (1:19)
20. Bust Your Nut (2:01)
21. Angry Mother (1:46)
22. Down To the Last Three (2:01)
23. Trying To Lose (1:56)
24. Disqualified (2:34)
25. Parting Letter To Bowman (2:39)