MovieScore Media has released a soundtrack album for the romantic comedy Intermedium. The album features the film’s original score composed by Timothy Williams (PearlBrightburn, Agent Elvis, Your Monster, Walking with the Enemy, Founders Day, Finding You) & Summer Davis. Also included are the movie’s original songs written by Ben Chavez and Yianni Papadimos. Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack. Also listen to the first song (The Love That Could Have Been performed by Chavez) and first score track after the jump. Intermedium is directed by Erik Bloomquist and stars Emily Keefe, Beau Minniear, Michael Rady, Sean Allan Krill, Amy Hargreaves, Haskiri Velazquez, Sadie Scott, Jesse Posey and Julie Halston. The movie follows an obsessive-compulsive teenager who discovers her new home is haunted by the ghost of its previous occupant and searches for a way to help him move on, only to find they have far more in common than expected. The comedy opened in select theaters as a one-night-only showing this past April and is expected to be coming out on VOD in the coming months..

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. The Love That Could Have Been – Ben Chavez (4:42)
2. Intermedium – Timothy Williams & Summer Davis (1:28)
3. About Feeling Crazy – Timothy Williams (2:26)
4. Back to School – Timothy Williams & Summer Davis (1:12)
5. Haunted Bedroom – Timothy Williams (1:50)
6. Ghost Hunting – Timothy Williams & Summer Davis (1:13)
7. Closest to Dying – Timothy Williams (1:00)
8. Salt and Sage – Timothy Williams & Summer Davis (1:28)
9. Rooftop Confessions – Timothy Williams (1:52)
10. Headlights (feat. Emily Keefe & Beau Minniear) (2:30)
11. There Is No Us – Timothy Williams (1:52)
12. Train Whistles (feat. Emily Keefe) (1:40)
13. Kyle’s Manuscript – Timothy Williams (1:04)
14. Thermal Cam – Timothy Williams (2:46)
15. Buzz Goes the Bee (feat. Sean Allan Krill) (3:08)
16. Ghost Lighting – Timothy Williams (1:24)
17. Pretty in Pink – Timothy Williams (2:16)
18. The Room I Shared With You (feat. Emily Keefe & Beau Minniear) (3:25)
19. I Love You – Timothy Williams (1:50)
20. Dance Only With Me (feat. Sarah Catherine Hook) (1:28)