Nir Perlman will release a soundtrack album for the British folk horror feature The Moor. The album features the composer’s original score from the film and will be released digitally next Monday, June 17. Visit Amazon to pre-order the soundtrack. The Moor is directed by Chris Cronin and stars Sophia La Porta, David Edward-Robertson, Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips and Bernard Hill. The movie follows a group of investigators who must venture deep into a haunted moor to solve the death of a childhood friend and find more than just the ghosts of dead children out there. The thriller premiered at last year’s FrightFest London and will be released in UK theaters this Friday, June 14 before coming out on Digital HD on JUly 1.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Yorkshire 1996 (1:34)
2. Still Having Those Dreams (3:45)
3. Danny’s Out There (2:40)
4. Speak Through Me (3:42)
5. 4:55 (2:47)
6. Claire & Bill (2:33)
7. Maps and Pendulums (3:18)
8. Five Five Five (3:30)
9. When Bad Things Happen (1:42)
10. Keep an Open Mind (5:14)
11. We’re Not Staying the Night (2:29)
12. It All Looks the Same (2:34)
13. Monolith (2:49)
14. Not a Place for a Kid (3:54)
15. There’s Someone There (2:25)
16. Something Wants You Here (4:44)
17. Stay Away from the Moor (1:42)
18. The Voice Promised (4:02)