Milan Records has released a soundtrack album for the German Prime Video original series Maxton Hall (Maxton Hall – Die Welt zwischen uns). The album features selections of the original music from the show’s first season composed by Songs in Cinema (Victoria Hillestad & Julian Erhard). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here, where you can also check out audios samples. Also listen to the first two songs and first score track on the album below. Maxton Hall is created by Daphne Ferraro and stars ​​​​​​​Damian Hardung, Harriet Herbig-Matten, Sonja Weißer, Clelia Sarto, Fedja Van Huêt, Runa Greiner, Martin Neuhaus, Andrea Guo, Julia-Maria Köhler and Justus Riesner. The drama is based on Mona Kasten’s bestseller Save Me and follows a quick-witted scholarship student who unwittingly witnesses a secret at the titular private school and an arrogant millionaire heir who is determined to silence her. The series just premiered yesterday and is now available to stream on Prime Video.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. High Life (feat. Victoria Hillestad) (1:27)
2. Here Comes the King (Extended Album Version) (feat. Victoria Hillestad) (1:30)
3. Remis (1:50)
4. Ruby in a Rush (1:05)
5. Ruby’s Dreams (1:23)
6. First and Last (Extended Album Version) (feat. Kenyatta Joyner) (3:07)
7. James’ Suspension (1:47)
8. Charming Rivalry (1:03)
9. The Flagship Store (2:08)
10. Romance Interrupted (1:30)
11. Feels Like Home (Extended Album Version) (feat. Victoria Hillestad) (2:30)
12. Young Beaufort (2:09)
13. A Secret Place (Extended Album Version) (feat. Dominik Büchele) (3:21)
14. Graham’s Declaration – WTF ?! (2:07)
15. Under Water (1:54)
16. Let Down (Extended Album Version) (feat. Victoria Hillestad) (3:34)
17. In Between Two Worlds (2:55)
18. Let Down (Acoustic Version) (feat. Victoria Hillestad) (0:53)
19. Something’s Off (1:47)