Average Joes Entertainment has released a soundtrack EP for the family fantasy adventure Spirit Halloween: The Movie. The EP features six songs from the movie by artists including Space Capone,  Grace Rembinski, Bingx, Rodney Eldridge, The Cold Mountain, Lenny Cooper & Jon Conner. Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack and also listen to all six songs below. Spirit Halloween: The Movie is directed by David Poag and stars Rachael Leigh Cook, Christopher Lloyd, Marla Gibbs, Marissa Reyes, Brad Carter, Jaiden J. Smith, Donovan Colan, Dylan Martin Frankel, Billie Roy and Michelle Civile. The movie follows three middle school friends who make a dare to spend the night locked inside a Spirit Halloween store and – when they discover that the store is haunted by an angry spirit – embark on an adventure in order to survive the night. The Strike Back Studios production opened in select theaters this past September and is now available on VOD and DVD.

Here’s the track list of the EP:

1. Back to the House – Space Capone (4:16)
2. Heart Strings – Bingx (3:50)
3. Drive – Grace Rembinski (3:11)
4. Nightmare – Lenny Cooper & Jon Conner (4:22)
5. Go Your Own Way – Rodney Eldridge (3:18)
6. Falling Into Me – The Cold Mountain (3:36)