Milan Records will release the official soundtrack album for the Amazon original series Paper Girls. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Bobby Krlic (aka The Haxan Cloak) (Midsommar, Snowpiercer, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, Seven Seconds, Triple 9, Returnal). The soundtrack will be released digitally next Friday, July 29 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. A first track (KJ’s Discovery) is already available to stream/download now and can be checked out below. Paper Girls is developed by Stephany Folsom based on the Brian K. Vaughan-penned and Cliff Chiang-illustrated best-selling graphic novels and stars Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, Fina Strazza, Sofia Rosinsky, Ali Wong, Nate Corddry and Adina Porter. The sci-fi drama follows four young friends who accidentally stumble into an intense time war and find themselves inexplicably transported from 1988 to the year 2019, in which they come face-to-face with their adult selves. The series will premiere on July 29 exclusively on Prime Video.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Something’s Not Right (2:01)
2. The Girls (2:57)
3. You Travelled (1:27)
4. Capital Offence (1:52)
5. Watching, Secretly (2:08)
6. Child Soldiers (3:22)
7. Young Missy (1:49)
8. We Were Chosen (1:53)
9. Batteries Not Included (2:32)
10. We Do It Better (1:42)
11. Dead Ringers (2:07)
12. KJ’s Discovery (1:37)
13. Up Till Dawn (3:41)
14. Worth a Shit (2:14)
15. Time Rip (3:29)
16. A Great Year for Music (2:55)
17. Get Your Baseball Bat (7:07)