Alan Williams (Cowgirls ‘n AngelsSoul Assassin, Amazon, The Velveteen Rabbit, Secrets of the Sea) has released a soundtrack album for the giant screen documentary Space: The New Frontier. The album features the film’s original music composed and conducted by Williams and is now available to stream/download on most major digital music services, including Amazon. Also listen to the composer’s title and end credits tracks after the jump. Space: The New Frontier is directed by David Duce & David Gross, narrated by Chris Pine and examines how humankind has continued to push the scientific boundaries of what is possible in space. The movie follows a group of visionaries and pioneers from private companies, as well as NASA and other international space agencies as they expand the limits of science, engineering and the human body to enrich life on earth. The K2 Studios production is now playing in select IMAX and other giant screen theaters worldwide.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Spark of Imagination (2:56)
2. Realm of the Impossible (3:04)
3. Spin Launch (1:56)
4. Escaping Earth’s Atmosphere (2:58)
5. Space X (1:44)
6. International Space Station (3:00)
7. Private Space Stations (1:54)
8. Valkyrie (1:48)
9. Visiting Space (2:33)
10. Back to the Moon (3:00)
11. Artemis Training (4:33)
12. Space Launch System (2:12)
13. Lunar Getaway (2:40)
14. The New Frontier (3:16)
15. Space End Credits (3:28)