oj-made-in-americaLakeshore Records has announced a soundtrack album for the documentary O.J.: Made in America. The album features selections from the project’s original music composed by Gary Lionelli (Last Days in Vietnam, Luck). The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, February 17 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. O.J.: Made in America is directed by Ezra Edelman and traces the personal journey of Orenthal James Simpson – from his fame as a football star, to his being accused of murdering his ex-wife, his subsequent acquittal and more. The documentary, which is one of the five nominees in the Documentary Feature category at this year’s Academy Awards, premiered last June on ESPN and was also released in theaters. Visit the official show website for more information.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Made in America
2. Family
3. Verdict
4. Infamous
5. Land of Milk and Honey
6. Epic Fall
7. Control
8. Buffalo Baryshnikov
9. Rockingham
10. Two Worlds
11. Vegas
12. Stone-Faced
13. He Got a Motorcade
14. Viewing
15. Talking Him Down
16. When They First Met
17. Gun Under His Chin
18. Surrender in the Night
19. Nothing Tops This
20. Trial
21. Infidelity
22. Black Protests
23. Room 1203
24. Finish It One Way or Another
25. Spying
26. Burn Baby Burn
27. Watts Riots
28. Beyond Football
29. Merely a Tool
30. The Closer
31. Last Place
32. Waiting for Surrender
33. Excessive Force
34. Operation Hammer
35. Never Saw a Gun
36. Detective Fuhrman
37. The N Word
38. Subtext
39. White Justice
40. Please Remember Me As a Good Guy

  1. michael says:

    There are several music scores that are missing. For example, one glaring omission is the music playing in the first couple of minutes in the opening as they show OJ playing football in college. Real great piece of music that set the tune, not only for that particular opening scene, but for the entire series. When I first saw and heard that opening sequence it hooked me to watch the entire show, if not I wouldn’t have been interested in watching anything about OJ simpson. It’s so ironic that of all the music that particular music is missing from the CD.

    • thomas says:

      Do you know the name of the tune played at the beginning of the third episode and showing (drone probably) aerial night footage of some L.A. neighborhood? The narrator was talking about some of the domestic violence episodes in the late 1980s of Simpson and wife. It sounds like Aretha Franklin singing.

  2. Alyosha says:

    There is a track in the last third of first episode when they explained the way he moved. it starts right after the coach says: “You can get it done whats more You gotta get it done”. it is very triumphant and motivational. Can anyone help me locate that track.