Sean Callery is attached to score the upcoming reboot of the long-running Fox hit series 24. 24: Live Another Day will tell a 24-hour story over 12 episodes that jump hours. Kiefer Sutherland will return in the leading role of Jack Bauer. Howard Gordon (Homeland) is set to executive produce the mini-series with Imagine TV’s Brian Grazer and 20th Century Fox Television. It has also been announced that Jon Cassar who helmed 59 episodes of the original series has signed to direct the first two episodes. Callery previously composed the music for all 8 seasons and 192 episodes of the show from 2001 to 2008. Varese Sarabande released a number of soundtrack albums featuring the composer’s music from the series. 24: Live Another Day is set to premiere in May of 2014 on Fox.

Callery is also expected to return for the third season of Showtime’s critically acclaimed series Homeland, the second season of the CBS drama Elementary and the ninth season of the Fox show Bones.

  1. Jackie says:

    Please do not do this show in 12 episodes, jumping around hours. Please finish this right and do it with 24 hours like it should be done….PLEASE

  2. Tracie says:

    I am very disappointed to hear that it is only going to be 12 hours, episodes that jump hours. I was so looking forward to 2 hour episodes over 12 nights giving a total of 24 hours. This show should be renamed 12. It just won’t be the same. -feeling sad- 🙁

    • Jack says:

      one of my favorite tv show… i love the concept of the time… now they jumps hours … it not like the original concept which i really am disappointed hope they would feel how the fans feel and change it back to a 24 episode season