Fox Music has released a score album for the dramedy The Art of Getting By. The album features 10 tracks from the score by composer Alec Puro and is available as a digital release on iTunes, where you can check out audio clips and download the music. The official soundtrack album featuring numerous songs and three score tracks from the movie was released earlier this week on Rhino Records. Check out our previous article for more details. The Art of Getting By written and directed by Gavin Wiesen stars Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts and is being released in theaters nationwide this weekend.  To learn more about the movie, visit the official film website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Open (from The Art of Getting By)
2. Sally’s Theme
3. Driving to Dustins
4. Dustin and George Meet
5. Sally’s Bedroom
6. Christmas Break
7. Tracking Jack
8. Long Dark Night
9. The Kiss
10. Sally and George Theme