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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 178 new artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures to join the organization. Among the invited artists are two film composers (Terence Blanchard, Graeme Revell) and one music editor (Fernand Bos). Terence Blanchard has been working in the […]

Graeme Revell has been hired to score the horror thriller Shark Night 3D. The movie stars Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee, Donal Logue, Chris Carmack, Alyssa Diaz and Joel David Moore. The film is directed by David R. Ellis and revolves around a group of college friends who spend the weekend at a lake […]

Film Music reporter has learned that Graeme Revell has replaced Christopher Young as the composer on the upcoming psychological thriller Unthinkable. The movie centers around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons sets to detonate in the U.S. The movie is directed […]