Nolita Cinema has released a soundtrack album for the German family adventure comedy Mission Ulja Funk. The album features the film’s original music composed by André Dziezuk (Colonia, Lost Bullet, Secrets of War, Tel Aviv on Fire, A Real Vermeer). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon (and most other major digital music services), where you can also check out audio samples. Mission Ulja Funk is written and directed by Barbara Kronenberg and stars Romy Lou Janinhoff, Jonas Oessel, Luc Feit, Hildegard Schroedter and Anja Schneider. The movie tells the story of a 12 year old girl who sets out on a road trip in a stolen hearse to Eastern Europe to witness the impact of an asteroid she discovered. The comedy premiered at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival and will be released in German theaters on January 12.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Opening (0:47)
2. Family Funk (1:02)
3. Asteroid CR272018 (0:45)
4. Who Pays for the Hat Can Wear It (1:56)
5. Gandma Olga (1:08)
6. Queen of the Schoolyard (1:23)
7. In the Hearse Trunk (1:11)
8. Pastor Brotz (2:27)
9. The Journey (1:33)
10. The Roadhog (0:52)
11. Olga’s Memories (1:38)
12. Wo ist die auserkor’ne Prophetin des Herrn (0:47)
13. The Crazy Bus (0:54)
14. Waldemar, Jolanta and the Nuns (0:58)
15. Daystar (0:31)
16. Waiting (1:31)
17. Hide and Seek (0:48)
18. Separation (1:27)
19. Border Chase (1:46)
20. Go East (0:35)
21. The Beautiful Olenka (1:01)
22. Arrival in Patzchurk (0:56)
23. The Prophecy Came True (1:20)
24. Ulja Is a Prophetess (1:00)
25. Mission Ulja Funk (End Credits) (1:58)