Stranger Than Paradise Records has released the first track from the soundtrack for the new Sky original drama This England. Available to stream/download now on all major digital music platforms is Welcome to Brexit Britain written by the show’s composer David Holmes (Ocean’s Eleven, Killing Eve, Out of SightLogan LuckyNo Sudden Move). Also listen to the full track below. This England is co-written and directed by Michael Winterbottom and stars Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond as Carrie Symonds. The 6-part drama premiered last week on Sky Atlantic and is also available to stream on NOW TV.

  1. Kevin Silks says:

    It’s a shame Mick Herron didn’t write This England and a shame that Kenneth Branagh did not call it “My Londongrad” and had Russian puppets playing Larry the Cat and Dilyn The Dog and of course emulating the puppet master Carrie. Why?

    First ask yourself why hasn’t MI5 thoroughly investigated Russian interference in British politics? Why should anyone believe Johnson put his country before himself or believe his anti-Russian rhetoric? In 2016 when campaigning for Brexit he accused the EU of provoking Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. Indeed, Johnson/Cummings delivered Brexit beyond Putin’s wildest dreams. Combine Brexit with Trump’s divisiveness and no wonder Putin concluded the USA/EU/UK/NATO club was a crippled anachronism.

    There is some curious fact based research published on the web by Bill Fairclough (ex-spook codename JJ and author of The Burlington Files autobiographical espionage series) about Boris Johnson et al called Britain’s Dismal Dossier on Russian Political Infiltration. He puts forward hard evidence to support the facts that many past British Prime Ministers (and one US President) have been compromised by Russian intelligence usually prior to becoming political bigwigs. Dozens of other Tory Party supporters including Cummings, MPs et al with Russian leanings are named in the article. Any of them, Trump, Johnson and Cummings included, could have been unwittingly manipulated. After all, flattery is a narcissist’s best friend.

    In fact, Kenneth Branagh could have made hay while the sun shines with this research. Google TheBurlingtonFiles and in the News Section select the article for July 21, 2021. You might also want to read Bill Fairclough’s biographical novel Beyond Enkription – it’s a must read for espionage cognoscente.