Music Super Circus has released a soundtrack album for the Viaplay limited series Cell 8. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Henrik Lörstad (Suddenly, Among Us, Bamse series, Mamma Moo Finds Her Way Home). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack. Cell 8 is written by Dennis Magnusson based on the crime novel of the same title by Swedish authors Roslund & Hellström and stars Mimosa Willamo, Leonard Terfelt, Freddie Wise, Lily Dodsworth-Evans, Richard Lintern and Sara Stewart. The 6-part crime thriller directed by Johan Brisinger is set in Sweden and the U.S. and follows two detectives as they get into a mysterious and increasingly dark series of events linked to a Death Row prisoner and a grieving parent determined to see justice served. The series just premiered on Viaplay this past Sunday.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Opening Theme (0:52)
2. Main Theme (2:24)
3. Dark Love (1:22)
4. The Arrest (2:14)
5. Treason (1:53)
6. Beth (3:02)
7. Breakout (2:37)
8. William’s Execution (4:07)
9. Car Ride (1:10)
10. Hanna’s Confession (4:15)
11. Ruben Frey (1:34)
12. Rememberance I (1:31)
13. Rememberance II (1:14)
14. Terrorists (4:34)
15. Memorial (1:55)
16. Mike and Mariana (2:41)
17. Dreams of Freedom (1:18)
18. Finnegan’s Revenge (2:21)
19. Remembering Beth (2:21)
20. Cell 8 (4:18)