Milan Records has announced the domestic release of the soundtrack album for the Japanese animated rock opera Inu-Oh. The album features the film’s original music composed by Otomo Yoshihide (Ama-chan, Journey to the Shore), including both the score and the vocal tracks performed by voice cast members Avu-chan (of Queen Bee) and Mirai Moriyama. The soundtrack, which was released in several other markets this past May, is now available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Also available separately as a digital single is the original song Inu-Hime performed by the Japanese band Queen Bee. Click here to stream/download the track and also watch the official music video below.Inu-Oh is directed by Masaaki Yuasa and follows a duo of classical Japanese dance theater performers who take medieval Japan by storm when they begin infusing their traditional performances with a taste of glam-rock. The movie, which premiered at last year’s Venice Film Festival, opened in Japanese theaters earlier this year and will be released in the U.S. this coming weekend by GKIDS.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Birth – Otomo Yoshihide (2:22)
2. A Thousand Biwa Players – Otomo Yoshihide (1:02)
3. Journey – Otomo Yoshihide (1:53)
4. Dengaku – Otomo Yoshihide (1:29)
5. Masked Creature – Otomo Yoshihide (0:44)
6. Growth – Otomo Yoshihide (3:36)
7. Encounter – Otomo Yoshihide (0:57)
8. Prayer – Otomo Yoshihide (0:50)
9. Divine Sword – Otomo Yoshihide (2:40)
10. Soliloquy – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan) (0:29)
11. Ghosts of the Heike Clan – Otomo Yoshihide (1:13)
12. INU-OH I – Tomoichi (CV: Mirai Moriyama) (5:15)
13. Burial Mound of Arms – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan) (5:36)
14. INU-OH II – Tomoichi (CV: Mirai Moriyama) (5:14)
15. The Whale – Inu-oh – CV: Avu-chan) (7:04)
16. Viewing the Cherry Blossoms – Otomo Yoshihide (3:09)
17. Sinister Designs -Otomo Yoshihide) (0:52)
18. INU-OH III – Tomoari (CV: Mirai Moriyama) (1:19)
19. Dragon Commander – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan) & Tomoari (CV: Mirai Moriyama) (13:17)
20. Ending Theme – Otomo Yoshihide (4:40)