Cleopatra Records has released a soundtrack album for the action drama Dreaming Hollywood. The album features a selection of songs by artists such as DMX, Bootsy Collins, Steve Howe, Ian Paice, ONYX, JYRKI 69 and DENTI. Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack. Dreaming Hollywood is written and directed by Frank Martinez and stars Turk Matthews, Link Ruiz, Madelyn Allen and Eliot, as well as Rafael Sigler, Ben Lin and Thomas Evans. The movie follows a deranged ex-con who seeks revenge when he discovers that his original screenplay has been stolen and made it into an actual movie. The drama is receiving a theatrical release and will be released on VOD, Blu-ray (which includes a CD version of the soundtrack) and DVD on March 22 by Cleopatra Entertainment.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Last Dance – Jyrki 69 (3:27)
2. We Could Be Angels – Slayloverboy (2:26)
3. Deadly – Ashley Bad (4:14)
4. A Signal in the Noise – Priest (3:18)
5. Spilled Coffee – Dentist (3:18)
6. X Moves – DMX, Bootsy Collins & Steve Howe (3:26)
7. Hold It Down – Onyx (2:52)
8. We Take – Onyx (2:39)
9. Elektrolurch-Mutation – Guru Freakout (11:39)
10. C’est Comme Moi (Remix) – Xynn (4:09)