Back Lot Music has released a soundtrack album for the animated movie Curious George: Cape Ahoy. The album features the film’s original score composed by Dara Taylor (The Tender Bar, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, Little Ellen, Echo Boomers). Also included are the original songs from the movie written by Michele Brourman & Amanda McBroom (Curious George: Royal Monkey & Go West Go Wild) and performed by Rob Trow. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here. Curious George: Cape Ahoy is directed by Doug Murphy and stars Frank Welker, Jeff Bennett, Christopher Swindle, Rita Moreno, Hiromi Dames, Dee Bradley Baker, Luka Jones and Kimberly D. Broo. The sixth installment in the Curious George movie series executive produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, David Kirschner & Jon Shapiro premiered last Thursday and is now available to stream exclusively on Peacock.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Sweet Summertime – Rob Trow (3:18)
2. New Fangled Friend – Rob Trow (2:10)
3. New Fangled Friend (Reprise) – Rob Trow (1:04)
4. Briney Brine – Rob Trow (2:20)
5. Mystery – Rob Trow (3:10)
6. Saying Goodbye – Rob Trow (2:09)
7. Trumpet Tooter Ahoy (2:24)
8. Panicked Packing (0:34)
9. Boat Tour… or Not (1:26)
10. Meeting the Seal Pup (1:10)
11. The Medallion (1:26)
12. Your Monkey is in the Cod School (1:49)
13. Fish Bait Smoothie (3:23)
14. The Other Half of the Treasure (1:44)
15. The Codfather (2:22)
16. The Magellan (0:55)
17. Seal Rock (1:38)
18. Secret Seals (0:39)
19. Sunken Cutlass (0:51)
20. The Dive (4:23)
21. Stuck in the Reef (1:43)
22. Coddington to the Rescue (2:23)
23. Whale Rescue Rising Cutlass (2:47)
24. Memories (1:22)