Hollywood Records and Marvel Music will release the first soundtrack album for Marvel Studios’ Disney+ original series What If…? The album features the original music from the show’s first episode (What If…Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?) composed by Emmy Award winner Laura Karpman (Lovecraft Country, Set It Up, Paris Can Wait, Why We Hate, Step, Underground). The soundtrack will be available to stream/download on all major digital music platforms (including Amazon) tomorrow, August 13. What If…? is developed by A.C. Bradley, directed by Bryan Andrews and reimagines famous events from Marvel’s feature films in unexpected ways, focussing on different heroes from the MCU. The first episode, which explores what would happen if the events of Captain America: The First Avenger occurred differently, premiered yesterday and new episodes will debut every Wednesday on Disney+.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Main Title (1:07)
2. My Favorite Story…?? (1:39)
3. A Lighter (1:25)
4. A New Hero (0:56)
5. Glorified Battery (1:35)
6. Attack of the Peggy (2:02)
7. What to Do (0:45)
8. You Owe Me a Dance (1:39)
9. Rescue (1:04)
10. Demands to a God (1:22)
11. You Are My Hero (0:47)
12. Tragic Fall (2:29)
13. Captain’s Speech (0:39)
14. Assault to the Castle (2:06)
15. Growing Tentacles (1:08)
16. All Day (1:44)
17. She’s Gone (0:37)
18. We Won the War (0:38)

  1. JackS says:

    Amazing first episode! I love the animation style and the Captain Carter ❤

  2. Ruttiger says:

    I can’t find this on iTunes in Canada. Did it come to US as expected?

  3. Daniel says:

    Wonder why this one hasn’t dropped yet. Don’t see on apple music or anywhere in Canada. Did US get it?