WaterTower Music will release a new soundtrack album for Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi drama Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine. The album features the film’s Academy Award-nominated score composed by Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel), including additional music that was not available on the standard CD and digital releases of the original soundtrack. The soundtrack will be available on LP with special etching, CD, and digital formats. Visit Amazon to pre-order the 2-CD version and click here to order the vinyl edition, set to come out on November 13, 2020. Interstellar is now available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Here’s the track list of the album:

Disc 1:

1. Dreaming of the Crash
2. Cornfield Chase
3. Dust
4. Day One
5. Stay
6. Message from Home
7. The Wormhole
8. Mountains
9. Afraid of Time
10. A Place Among the Stars
11. Running Out
12. I’m Going Home
13. Coward
14. Detach
15. S.T.A.Y.
16. Where We’re Going

Disc 2:

1. First Step
2. Flying Drone
3. Atmospheric Entry
4. No Need to Come Back
5. Imperfect Lock
6. No Time for Caution
7. What Happens Now?
8. Who’s They?
9. Murph
10. Organ Variation
11. Tick-Tock
12. Day One (Original Demo)
13. Day One Dark
14. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night – By Hans Zimmer, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy

  1. theeaglesfan005 says:

    Film mixes please

  2. Huseyn says:

    Hell yeah, I hope WaterTower will release Dunkirk expanded score too!

  3. theeaglesfan005 says:

    So it’s just the star projection set? Lame

  4. pashalis777 says:

    Day One Dark

    F*Ck F@Ck F$ck F#ck FAAAck Yeah

  5. Dave says:

    I went to Amazon to order and it doesn’t look to be available and no price listed. A little help please.

  6. Will C says:

    Well, this should be a nice release for those of us who didn’t get the limited box back in 2014, but I kinda wish Paramount/Warner had leased this one out to La La Land Records, done a complete expanded release with all the missing music and alternate takes. Same for “Inception”, though there’s still two months left of announcements yet to be made.

  7. Jesse Pinkman says:

    Yeah it looks like this is just a re-release of the star projection set.

    Damn I though this was a actual expanded edition. Lame!

  8. Michael Holdings says:

    Will this be available on iTunes? Does anyone know?

  9. Crouton says:

    Does anyone know if No Time For Caution will finally be the film version, or the same remixed version that’s been released before?

  10. Michael holdings says:

    The version of no time for caution will be the same as from the illuminated star projection edition. This is the same remixed version that has been released before.

  11. Kip says:

    Not sure what you’re on about. The version of ‘No Time for Caution’ is what you can hear in the film.