WaterTower Music has released a new soundtrack album for the Cartoon Network animated series We Bare Bears. The album features the songs from all seasons of the show performed by the animated comedy’s cast, including series composer Brad Breeck, Estelle (who performs the title song We’ll Be There), Leslie Odom Jr., Courtney Fortune, Sarah Bonita, Felicia Day, Anthony Obi & others. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here. The label has previously released a soundtrack EP for this year’s We Bare Bears: The Movie. We Bare Bears is created by Daniel Chong and stars Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan, Demetri Martin, Jason Lee, Patton Oswalt, Charlyne Yi, Cameron Esposito, Ellie Kemper and Sam Lavagnino. The series follows three brother bears as they awkwardly attempt to find their place in civilized society. The show premiered between 2015 and 2019 on Cartoon Network.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. We’ll Be There (feat. Estelle) (Abridged) (0:20)
2. Bear Facts (feat. Leslie Odom, Jr.) (2:20)
3. Raincloud Chill (feat. Brad Breeck) (1:39)
4. Hey Shmorby (feat. Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan & Griffin McElroy) (1:03)
5. Lucky Me (feat. Courtney Fortune) (0:47)
6. Best Friends (feat. Eric Edelstein) (1:38)
7. Girl Be Selling Sunshine (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:38)
8. Painting Rainbows (feat. Sarah Bonita) (0:43)
9. Be Your Dude (feat. Brad Breeck) (1:21)
10. Get up and Dance (feat. Dia Frampton) (0:42)
11. Play it Smooth (feat. Gallant, Duncan Joiner & Sam Lavagnino) (1:29)
12. Shut It Down (feat. Kalilah Harris) (0:51)
13. Tell me (feat. Gallant) (2:02)
14. I Have Time (feat. Dia Frampton & Brad Breeck) (1:36)
15. Just My Type (feat. Poppy) (1:53)
16. Me And My Boo (feat. Brad Breeck) (1:24)
17. Dance With Her (feat. Eric Edelstein) (1:10)
18. Tomorrow And Forever With You (feat. Sarah Bonita) (1:07)
19. I’m an Instigator (feat. Richie McGregor) (0:54)
20. This My Squad (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:30)
21. Play The Game (feat. Moses Harris) (1:49)
22. I Think We Gonna Be Chillin’ (feat. Brad Breeck) (1:20)
23. Panda and Samantha’s Song (feat. Brad Breeck) (1:32)
24. Pizza You (feat. Steve Harwell) (1:25)
25. Livin’ That Dream (feat. Steve Harwell) (2:16)
26. Dance Outside Your Window (feat. Brad Breeck) (1:18)
27. Escandalosos (feat. Ismael Gallegos) (1:05)
28. Forever On The Dancefloor (feat. Vincent Coleman) (1:12)
29. Let’s Fly Away (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:50)
30. Happy Again (feat. Charlyne Yi & Demetri Martin) (1:02)
31. Sooner or Later (feat. Bobby Moynihan) (1:33)
32. Karla’s Lullaby (feat. Felicia Day) (0:49)
33. Little Bit of Help (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:43)
34. Your Heart (feat. Charlyne Yi, Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan) (1:11)
35. Baby Come with Me (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:42)
36. Moving Cool As Ice (feat. Calvin Winbush) (1:28)
37. Hey Baby Girl (feat. Demetri Martin) (0:43)
38. Charge it to the Bears (feat. Anthony Obi) (1:34)
39. Can’t Stop the Rock (feat. Moses Harris) (1:13)
40. Bears Rule (feat. Anthony Obi) (0:44)
41. I Love You Froyo (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:51)
42. Corgi Party (feat. Joey Wolf, Tim Pocock & Jonathan Buckley) (0:41)
43. Mind Reading Machine (feat. Charlyne Yi, Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan & Demetri Martin) (0:45)
44. Yummy Yummy (feat. Kahyun Kim) (1:06)
45. Pretty Boy Club (feat. Bert Youn & Brad Breeck) (1:13)
46. Best Day Now (feat. Anthony Obi) (0:58)
47. Ain’t Playin (feat. Anthony Al-Rifai) (0:34)
48. Cross My Heart (feat. Dia Frampton) (1:13)
49. Kiseki (feat. Sarah Bonita) (0:38)
50. Hear Me Out (feat. Brad Breeck) (0:44)
51. Forever My Heart (feat. Bobby Moynihan) (2:49)
52. If Only That Day Was Today (feat. Sam Lavagnino & Duncan Joiner) (1:49)
53. Perfect Tree (feat. Charlyne Yi) (1:32)
54. Sorairo (feat. Risa Tsunoda) (1:42)
55. We’ll Be There (feat. Estelle) (Acapella) (1:32)