A soundtrack album has been released for the British documentary Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm. The album features the film’s original music composed by Alexander Parsons. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm is directed by Hannah Berryman and centers on Rockfield, the independent residential studio in the Welsh countryside and home to everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Robert Plant, Queen to The Stone Roses, Bowie and Iggy Pop to Oasis. The movie features interviews with some of the legendary musicians that have spent time at Rockfield over the years, including Osbourne,  Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Liam Gallagher and ex-Oasis bandmate Bonehead, Simple Minds & others. The documentary, which originally was set to premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, is premiering in the UK tonight on BBC Four and on BBC Two Wales .

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. A Picture of Loveliness (1:02)
2. Stud Farm for Shire Horses (3:19)
3. The Seventies (1:10)
4. Coach House Shuffle (1:50)
5. Like-Minded People (0:51)
6. You Didn’t Need a Drummer (0:52)
7. All You Need Is a Laptop (1:14)
8. Tanked (0:38)
9. John Leckie (0:45)
10. The Building of Monnow Valley (1:42)
11. Mani Turned Up on a Tractor (1:39)
12. Human Experiments (3:22)
13. It Was Rob (3:10)
14. Capturing the Magic (3:21)
15. The Best is Yet to Come (2:15)
16. Five-Hundred Pigs (Bonus (3:11)
17. A Leisure-Based Company (Bonus Track) (2:11)