Variety is reporting that several original scores submitted for Academy Awards consideration have been disqualified. Among the titles ruled ineligible are Knives Out (by Nathan Johnson), which was disqualified due to an “administrative mixup”, as well as The Irishman (by Robbie Robertson) and The Two Popes (by Bryce Dessner), both of which were expected to be ineligible because of the limited amount of original score and predominating use of pre-existing songs in the films. As anticipated, A Hidden Life (by James Newton Howard) will also not be eligible. Also confirmed to not have been submitted is the score for Ad Astra (by Max Richter with additional music by Lorne Balfe). Among the contenders for Best Original Song, Regina Spektor’s song One Little Soldier from Bombshell was also ruled ineligible because of an “administrative mixup”.

  1. Dumpling Warrior says:

    What does it mean, administrative mixup? Not giving the right personnel to be credited? And what’s wrong with the producers of Ad Astra??? What a shame not to submit such a great score.