Air-Edel Records has announced the world premiere soundtrack release for Sean Hanish’s drama Saint Judy starring Michelle Monaghan, Leem Lubany, Common, Alfred Molina, Alfre Woodard, Peter Krause, Ben Schnetzer & Gabriel Bateman, as well for the 2016 Lifetime movie Sister Cities starring Stana Katic, Jess Weixler, Michelle Trachtenberg, Troian Bellisario, Jacki Weaver & Alfred Molina. Both scores are composed by James T. Sale (Acts of Violence, The Haunting of Molly Hartley) and will be released digitally this coming Friday, July 5. Visit Amazon to download the Saint Judy score and click here for the Sister Cities album. Also receiving a new release is Sale’s score from Hanish’s feature Return to Zero, which has previously been released back in 2014. Click here to download the new release. Saint Judy was released in theaters earlier this year and is now available on VOD and DVD and Sister Cities is also available on VOD.

Here’s the track list of the Saint Judy soundtrack:

1. Last Case
2. Lost
3. Case Files
4. The Detention Center
5. The Vision
6. Recruiting Mustafa
7. I Have Some Friends
8. The Knife
9. The Arrest
10. Released
11. You’ll Have To Testify 12. The Informant
13. The Ruling
14. Count Time
15. Change of Heart
16. Stolen Goods
17. In America
18. The 9th Circuit
19. Make Them Believe You

Here’s the track list of the Sister Cities album:

1. I Found Mom
2. Baltimore Arrives
3. Dallas Arrives
4. Full House
5. Cocktail Glass
6. Austin The Writer
7. Carolina Drugged
8. Making Plans
9. Questions
10. Keep Brady Out
11. Love Letters

Here’s the track list of the new Return to Zero soundtrack:

1. Maggie and Aaron
2. A Promise of Sailing
3. I’m Worried
4. Arrival at the Hospital
5. The Baloons
6. Aftermath
7. The Sailboat
8. Aaron and Dana
9. Claire’s Story
10. Giving Thanks
11. I Want A Divorce
12. 0 for 2
13. Giving Birth to Arthur 14. I’m Pregnant
15. This Pain
16. It’s A Girl
17. Three Again
18. End Credits Remix