Harry Escott (Shame, Hard Candy, A Mighty HeartThe Wedding Guest) is scoring the new ITV original series Wild Bill. The show is created by David Griffiths (The Hunted), Kyle Killen (The Beaver) and Dudi Appleton & Jim Keeble (Silent Witness) and stars Rob Lowe, Rachael Stirling, Angela Griffin, Tony Pitts and Bronwyn James. The crime drama centers on a high-flying US cop who is appointed Chief Constable of the East Lincolnshire Police Force. Lowe, Griffiths, Killen, Appleton and Keeble are also executive producing the project for Eleanor Moran (Watership Down) & Rory Aitken (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) for 42, Tim Carter (Traitors) for ITV’s Shiver and Scott Pennington & Keith Redmon (The Revenant, Triple 9) for Anonymous Content. Escott has previously scored 42’s 2013 feature Welcome to the PunchWild Bill will premiere next month in the UK on ITV. No word yet on a domestic air date.

Escott’s other recent projects also include season 2 of the British series Deep State, which currently airs in the U.S. every Sunday night on Epix.