BMG will release a soundtrack album for the Netflix docu-series The Innocent Man. The album features the show’s original music composed by Dan Romer (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Maniac, Beasts of No Nation, Maniac, Gleason, The Good Doctor). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, January 11 and will be available to download here. The Innocent Man is directed by Clay Tweel and focuses on two murders that shook the small town of Ada, Oklahoma, in the 1980s – and the controversial chain of events that followed. The series based on the best-selling non-fiction book of the same title by John Grisham  features interviews with victims’ friends and families, Ada residents, attorneys, journalists, and others involved in the case. The show premiered last month and is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. A Knock at the Door (2:12)
2. Memories of Debbie (1:49)
3. Don’t Look For Us Or Else (2:40)
4. No Rhyme or Reason (1:01)
5. They Took the Girl (2:53)
6. Easy Enough to Prove (2:16)
7. The Innocent Man (5:07)
8. Raising Hell (3:37)
9. A Frightening Thing (1:11)
10. A Fair Trial (1:48)
11. I Think I Killed Her (2:09)
12. Pretty Good Evidence (2:30)
13. I Can’t Represent Him (1:19)
14. Release Them (2:45)
15. The Burning Shack (1:42)
16. Tommy’s Dream (1:24)
17. Memory Test (1:46)
18. Not a Coincidence (1:59)
19. A Crime Revisited (1:43)
20. A Dog with a Bone (1:22)
21. Practically All My Life (1:44)
22. Life Without Parole (1:12)
23. Dangerous Weapon (2:02)
24. What Her Voice Was Like (2:01)
25. Billy Charley (3:07)
26. Years Behind Bars (1:49)
27. Blast Wide Open (2:04)