i-love-dickAmazon Content Services has released a soundtrack album for the Amazon original series I Love Dick. The album features selections from the show’s original music composed by Mandy Hoffman (TerriThe Lovers). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio clips. Also coming out today as a digital single is the song Zan Hastam by She-King as featured in the comedy. Click here to download the track. I Love Dick is created by Jill Soloway & Sarah Gubbins and stars Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne and Roberta Colindrez. The series is based on Chris Kraus’ 1997 novel of the same name and is set in a colorful academic community in Marfa, Texas, where a struggling married couple and their mutual obsession with an off-putting but charismatic professor. The comedy’s first season is premiering today on Amazon.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Breaking Into Dick’s (Caper Theme) (1:14)
2. Bored In the Hotel (1:03)
3. Devon and Toby Love (1:24)
4. Day Drinking (0:56)
5. Taco Time (Sylvere Locks Chris Out) (1:11)
6. Devon’s Idea (2:10)
7. Clam Soup (1:08)
8. The Rules (1:34)
9. Devon Finds The Letters (1:04)
10. Dick Fantasy (1:01)
11. Getting Arrested (0:58)
12. Dear Dick (2:03)
13. Michael J Fox (0:48)
14. College Sex (1:01)
15. Reading The Letters (1:11)
16. Dick Wants To Leave (1:13)
17. Dick Confronts Chris (1:18)
18. Sylvere’s Letter (1:32)
19. Beauty Dance (3:00)