‘Operator’ Soundtrack Details

Posted: November 8, 2016 by filmmusicreporter in Film Music Albums
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operatorThe Orchard will release a soundtrack album for the comedy drama Operator. The album features the film’s original score composed by Sage Lewis. Also included are tracks by Brendan Byrnes and Maesa Pullman. The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, November 11 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Operator is co-written and directed by Logan Kibens and stars Martin Starr, Mae Whitman, Nat Faxon, Cameron Esposito and Christine Lahti. The movie revolves around an anxious programmer who enlists the help of his empathetic wife when given the task to create the perfect call center program. Their relationship spirals out of control when he begins replacing her with an ideal computerized replica. The dramedy premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and was released on VOD today by the Orchard.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Operator – Sage Lewis
2. Work Together – Sage Lewis
3. The App – Sage Lewis
4. Growing Apart – Sage Lewis
5. I’m Not Changing – Sage Lewis
6. Neo Post Show – Brendan Byrnes
7. Party Pooper – Brendan Byrnes
8. Run – Sage Lewis
9. Love Test – Brendan Byrnes
10. You’ve Been Approved Joe – Sage Lewis
11. Drive, Panic IVR – Sage Lewis
12. Emily & Beth – Sage Lewis
13. Ask Emily – Sage Lewis
14. Pink Elephant – Brendan Byrnes
15. Launch – Sage Lewis
16. For Once in My Life, Fight – Maesa Pullman
17. The Lakefront – Sage Lewis
18. Epiphany, Secret Pathway – Sage Lewis
19. Photos Animation – Brendan Byrnes
20. Specific Gravity – Brendan Byrnes
21. Play 14 – Sage Lewis
22. Maybe – Sage Lewis
23. Operated – Sage Lewis
24. Operator 2 – Sage Lewis