atlas-shrugged-iiiA soundtrack album has been released for the drama Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?. The album features the film’s original music composed by Elia Cmiral (Ronin, Stigmata, Wrong Turn) who previously scored the first part in the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy. The soundtrack is now available to order directly from Atlas Productions and will be released digitally on Amazon and iTunes later this month. Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? based on the novel by Ayn Rand is directed by James Namera and starsLaura Regan and Rob Morrow as protagonists Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden.The third and final Atlas Shrugged movie is now playing in theaters. To learn more about the film,¬†visit the¬†official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. The Strike (4:05)
2. Dagny Rescued (2:36)
3. Atlantis (1:53)
4. The Oath (4:03)
5. I Want You Here (3:58)
6. Return to Darkness (1:30)
7. Desire (Bonus Track) (2:09)
8. Stadler’s Choice (1:50)
9. Moving the Trains (5:17)
10. Celebration of Existence (1:46)
11. Remembering Cheryl (1:09)
12. Galt’s Apartment (3:12)
13. No Amount of Force (1:03)
14. Project F (5:52)
15. The Beginning (4:40)