tuomas-kantelinenTuomas Kantelinen has been tapped to score the upcoming caper comedy Lost in Austin. The film is directed by Will Raee and stars Linda Cardellini, Jason Lee, Craig Robinson, Skeet Ulrich, Kristen Schaal and Ursula Parker. The movie follows a wife and mother who comes up with a plan to make her family instant celebrities by having her ex-boyfriend kidnap her 11-year-old daughter for a month. Raee has also written the screenplay with Brenna Graziano. Gary Ousdahl is producing the project for Up Late Productions, alongside Suzanne Weinert (ExTerminators) for Flatiron Pictures. Kantelinen’s previous film scoring credits include Renny Harlin’s Mindhunters and The Legend of Hercules, as well as Sergey Brodov’s Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan. Lost in Austin is expected to be completed later this year.